Nerd Nerdy - Sorting, Categorizing And Spot The Odd

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Quick overview:
To help develop cognitive skills of sorting, similarities and differences among objects through use of images. Hands-on Resource for schools, therapy and home use.

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Suitable for -

Ages 3+

Purpose & Skills in focus -

  • Helps in developing cognitive skills like sorting, categorizing and finding the odd one out.
  • Improves divergent thinking.
  • Improves vocabulary.

Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Counselors, Special Educators, Learning Centres, Schools.

Can also be used for - Children with special needs.

Content -

  • 1 wooden board
  • set of picture cut outs
  • 2 worksheets

Instructions -

  • Useful tool for early learners. Apart from using this tool for sorting, categorization and finding the odd one out, it can also be used for story narration, enhancing vocabulary, abstract reasoning, question building etc.

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