NerdNerdy Measurement Kit

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Quick overview:

To help learn different types of measurements through an interactive aids. Hands-on Resource for schools, therapy and home use.


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Suitable for -

Ages 6+

Purpose & Skills in focus -

  • To teach the concept of Measurement- Voulume, length, weight, hand and feet measure.

Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Special Educators, Learning Centres, Schools.

Can also be used for - Children with special Needs.


1. Wooden weighing scale

2. Hand span foot span cutouts

3. Measuring Tape

4. Plastic Measuring cup

5. Plastic transparent scale

6. Laminated Reference sheet

Description -

  • Teaching the concept of measurement has never been so much fun. Using the items in the kit makes learning this concept so much easier for children and fun too. The resources can be used in classroom teaching. Reference sheet comes with detailed instructions for parents and teachers

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