Nerd Nerdy - Intellitest

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Quick overview:

To help the child develop logical reasoning skills through the aid of pattern matching. Hands-on Resource for schools, therapy and home use



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Suitable for -

Ages 3+

Purpose & Skills in focus -

  • Aids in pattern matching and logical reasoning

Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Special Educators, Learning Centres, Schools.

Can also be used for - Children with special Needs.

Content -

  • 6 wooden frames
  • 6 square patterned wooden cut outs

Description -

  • Basic Level: Child has to match 6 square patterned wooden cut outs with the corresponding wooden frame.
  • Advanced Level: After the child has mastered basic pattern matching, encourage the child to put the square patterned wooden cut out in such a way that it synchronizes with the pattern of the base wooden frame.

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