Research To Practice

NerdNerdy Research Program aims to apply research outcome to practice. This helps us in creating unique innovative learning tools and methodologies for children, including special needs children and high ability learners.

Parvarish, a unit of NerdNerdy, is a dedicated research center involved in various research programs in the field of education - typical, atypical and high ability learners. The center has a multidisciplinary team including special educators, speech therapists, educators for gifted learners, experts in autism teaching methods, occupational therapists & psychologists.

Ongoing Research:

1. Multiple Ability kit: An easy-to-use kit that can be used by parents/teachers/therapists to identify the strengths of an autistic
child to develop relevant educational plan or vocational guidance plan - Currently under validation process

2. Cognitive Ability Kit for children in the age range 3-5 years

3. Cognitive Ability Kit for children in the age range 5-9 years

Upcoming Research:

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Developing Communication and Early Reading skills

Past Research:

1. Early Childhood Education: Ideas, Concepts and Practices in Rural Setting of Gurgaon (Haryana)

2. Identifying Strengths of Children with Special Needs using Multiple Intelligence Theory: A pilot study

3. Parent Empowerment: Positive impact of Parent’s involvement in their Autistic child’s intervention

We are happy to work with individuals, professionals and institutions in the field of research.

If you are interested to collaborate for research - contact us on 8130277666 or email us at