Nerd Nerdy - Expressive Language: Thirsty Crow

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Quick overview:
To help develop expressive language and communication skills for the child. Hands-on Resource for schools, therapy and home use.

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Suitable for -

Ages 5+

Purpose & Skills in focus -

  • Improves communication skills like expressive language and receptive language skills.
  • Improves comprehension and narrating skills.
  • Develops higher order thinking.

Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Counselors, Special Educators, Learning Centres, Schools.

Can also be used for - Children with special Needs.

Content -

  • 1 story book (hands on)
  • Picture cut outs.

Instructions -

  • This book has represented the simple common story of 'Thirsty crow’ in a creative way. The story book is hands on and comes with higher order thinking questions. This not only makes the story engaging and fun for children but also enhances their divergent thinking skills (out of the box thinking skills) from a young age.
  • Highly recommended for children and as a classroom teaching-learning aid.

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