Nerd Nerdy - Expressive Language - Constructing Phrases

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Quick overview:

To help develop expressive language and expressive vocabulary for the child. Hands-on Resource for schools, therapy and home use.



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Suitable for -

Ages 2+

Purpose -

Helps to develop communication skills for children who have single vocabulary words. The child is encouraged to combine single words to form two/three word phrases thus helping the child to speak in short sentences.

Skills in focus -

  • Single vocabulary to two/three words phrases.
  • Improves vocabulary.
  • Aids in developing expressive language.
  • Useful tool for children having speech/language/communication delays.

Can be used by - Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Counselors, Special Educators, Learning Centres, Schools

Can also be used for - Children with special Needs.

Content -

  • 1 Wooden board
  • 20 Picture cards


  • Removable picture cards are placed on the wooden board.
  • There are 3 images printed on each card.
  • Card is placed on the slider in such a way that one image is visible at a time in the center slider and other two are covered. For example, image 1 - girl, image 2 - water bottle, image 3 - girl drinking from the water bottle
  • Each image is shown for a flexible duration to ensure that the child has processed the visual on the card.

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