Concept of More Than & Less Than

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Hands on Resources for Teachers, Parents, Activity Centres and Special Education


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Suitable for -

Ages 4+

Purpose & Skills in focus - To teach concept of More Than and Less than to Prescoolers. Children are able to relate the concept in day to day situations.

Can be used by - Parents, Classroom teaching tool for teachers, Activity Centres, and Special Education



  • wooden coins, two printed sheets, two paper crocodile

Description -

  • "More Than & Less Than" is an effective classroom teaching tool for children. Using crocodile stencils alongwith the wooden coins, this hands on resource becomes an easy way for any teacher to make child understand this math concept. 

  • You will be provided with the video link with this resource with step by step instructions for using the resource and also the extra activities on the same topic you can do in class or at home,with the child so as to strengthen his/her  understanding of the concept.

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