The great aim of education is not knowledge but action ~ Herbert Spencer

As keen observers of the world, we keep looking for ways to make things better, easier and quicker for our generation. Unfortunately, little growth has been witnessed in the mainstream “cookie-cutter” education system present in today’s society.

Thus NerdNerdy decided to make a marketplace of its own, “EVERYTHING EDUCATION”

The journey started with Parvarish, a unit of NerdNerdy, a dedicated research centre involved in various research programs in the field of education for typical, atypical and high ability learners.

Realising that parents are an integral part of development for their children, we started designing special resources and teaching aids for children with different abilities and special needs that parents themselves can use.

After finding success in this endeavour, we further expanded this into specialised learning for children of all ages.

Our vision is to bring the best in education to every child and family through innovative tools and resources from across the globe with active participation from parents, professionals, teachers, students and everyone who wants to make learning a joyful experience.